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About Us

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Heya, I’m Trinity.

Meet Strawberry Media, a hybrid PR, and digital marketing agency and my labor of love for the past 20 years.

We help organizations get clarity on what their message is and how to get it out into the world.

We’re a bit different because we take the 10,000 ft view with everything that we do to make sure that every article, social media post, and press release lines up.

We don’t just ‘Do PR’, we reimagine how you should be communicating your message to the world and to get the results you are after.

To date, we are proud to have pioneered the execution of several notable PR campaigns for government, healthcare, ESG & financial sectors.

Looking forward to making your story part of ours.

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Our Mission

It’s our mission to help organisations (like yours!) find their unique message, communicate it clearly, and measure its impact on the world.

We go that extra step to deeply understand who you serve so that you develop a water-tight message across all your media channels and at every stage, from planning to execution.


Our Services

Strategy & Training

Our strategy & training services can help if you are not quite ready to engage a PR Firm professionally but know that you still need that extra bit of support. 

it aims to help your internal team get everything they need to go ahead and execute a strong PR campaign.

Traditional PR

Are you about to launch something very cool, but no one knows about it yet?

We help organizations get featured in top publications by leveraging our existing network to help you get the media coverage you need to launch with a bang.

Digital Marketing

Add fuel to the fire of your comms strategy by taking it online.

We help you craft and execute a powerful online content strategy that helps you build your audience and brand authority over time.